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Teeth Whitening in Corio

Teeth can unfortunately become discoloured over time, necessitating teeth whitening to make them whiter and brighter. Corio Dental Surgery is a teeth whitening clinic in Corio that’s able to provide patients with both in-chair laser teeth whitening treatment and take home whitening kits. Both options can help get rid of teeth stains that are hard to remove and restore your smile. Our teeth whitening clinic is proud to offer non-invasive teeth whitening treatments that are quick, easy and affordable.

Causes of Tooth Discolouration

  • Drinking coffee, tea, soft drink or red wine
  • Consuming ingredients such as berries, apples, potatoes and certain spices
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Ageing
  • Smoking
  • Genetic factors
  • Using certain medications
  • Disease

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In-Chair Laser Teeth Whitening

In-chair laser teeth whitening treatment provides impressive results within a one hour appointment. This is a typically painless procedure where the dentist at our teeth whitening clinic applies a whitening agent to your teeth without the need for anaesthetic or injections.

Take-Home Whitening Kits

An alternative to in-chair laser teeth whitening is a take-home whitening kit that comes with custom dental trays and whitening gel. Our dentist will give you instructions on how to apply the whitening gel to get the results you want. Although it will take longer to achieve the desired results with take-home whitening kits, they allow patients to whiten their teeth in the privacy of their own home.

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Do you have questions about laser teeth whitening in Corio, or how to use a take home whitening kit? For more information or to book an appointment, please call our teeth whitening clinic on (03) 5275 3444.

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