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Dental Crowns in Corio

A dental crown is one of the most well-known dental restorations. They are used to encapsulate those teeth that have been beyond repair for years, or even decades. For example, in severe cases where there’s no hope left using traditional methods like fillings a Crown might be your only option. Dental crowning is a great way to avoid discomfort and infection, such as after Root Canal Therapy. The tooth will not remain functional forever; it’s also possible that decay may re-emerge and compromise its structural integrity in some cases.

Dental crowns are an excellent choice for protecting teeth that have been weakened due to decay. They provide the necessary support and structure, preventing further damages by minimising any possibility of future breakage or resorption. This means you’ll be able to enjoy your dental visits longer because there’s less risk of losing them. If you’ve sustained severe damage to the tooth, a dentist may recommend dental crowing as an option. Not only does this restoration improve your facial and smile aesthetics but it also enhances oral health for those who suffer from periodontal disease or have other issues with plaque build-up in their mouth due to missing teeth that result from injury years ago.

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Dental Crown Procedure

The procedure for installing a dental crown in most cases takes three separate visits to the dentist. The first visit will be for examination and verification of your tooth, as well as determining whether it can support a crown on top. The dentist will make a microscopic examination of the tooth and determine if there is any form of extensive decay or risk for infection. If it turns out that this is an issue, they’ll have to treat it before starting with dental crowns.

Porcelain Crowns

All-porcelain crowns are a great option for patients who want their teeth to match the rest of their mouth. They’re also popular because they don’t require any work on your part. However, it may be difficult for a dentist to achieve a good fit along the gum line since the material is very thick.
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